Green Building

How we build our new homes, both in design and choice of materials, is one of the most significant ways that we can impact our future. Much of the concern boils down to the use of energy. How much energy is embodied in the building materials themselves, in their transportation and assembling? Then once the house is built, how much energy does it consume to keep its inhabitants comfortable? Consumption of energy has a direct influence on environmental quality, because of the inherent pollution through greenhouse gasses and other emissions. Then there is the loss of natural beauty, ecosystems and basic resources associated with the extraction of fossil fuels and building materials. The combined effect of this is staggering.

Not all the homes built by Towery Builders, Inc. are green buildings.  We understand that this is an individual choice. We take pride in offering the ability to build green environments to our homeowners that are interested in conservation.  We can build green environments at whatever level you appreciate: from solar energy panels and on-demand water heaters, energy star appliances and water efficient fixtures to rainwater reclamation.  We can add one element or work toward obtaining LEED Platinum ratings for your new home.  The environment here in Western North Carolina is so beautiful, it deserves our attention in this manner.​​

Tim Towery in Asheville, NC on Houzz